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Top 3 embroidery machines

Embroidery is one of the classic arts that has been in practice since ancient times. And things that make this art an evergreen and ever developing art include the vibrancy, vitality and variety of colors, the extreme flexibility of designs and continuous advancement in the technological equipment in the field.

Today, all these features and qualities have enabled top quality sewing machine manufacturers to offer high quality embroidery machines that not only offer an easy way to work easily but also create unique and extraordinary designs. Here are 3 miraculous best embroidery machines for you to enjoy your hobby as an expert embroidery artist.

Brother SE400 Computerized Combination Sewing /Embroidery Machine

We have picked this one not because this embroidery machine has got rigorous positive reviews on the market, but we have found its features as most helpful and capable of catering all unique needs of every user. The first thing that makes it an excellent embroidery gadget is its ability to offer 67 stitches and 70 embroidery designs that you can easily enjoy using easy touch back-lit screen and also a backlit working area. These features make it easy for the user to make designs and sew easily in any way he/she wants to. There also an auto-cut option for the thread. You just have to click the button to cut the thread to save time and work efficiently. Another time saving feature is its easy threading operation and you can thread the needle in one go with just a single push of the button. The top loading bobbin also has been designed to give a jam free setting and helps in running the machine without getting stuck. The embroidery platform is adjustable and offers a 4 ply 4 area for you to make the embroidery designs and also you have got the option to make letters using 5 varied fonts. It is ibroidery compatible and you can download multiple designs from the site to make the experience more exciting. The machine is a combination machine and is capable of quilting as well as sewing purposes in addition to its main embroidery functions. It comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty, so no need to worry about any technical issues if you have got with it.

Brother PE770 Embroidery machine

Due to the fact, we are here to introduce and explain the best embroidery machines so we picked this one in our list too. Though it is not a combination machine, as our Brother SE400, but still not a coward one in the field of embroidery machines. It is an efficient and an excellent embroidery machine that has got the guts to serve your passion perfectly.


Here are the reasons: the embroidery area is improved and expanded measuring about 5×7 inches, as compared to the 4×4 of SE400. So, it offers a better space to design bigger designs without any issues. For embroidery hobbyists as well as professionals the machine offers 136 built designs for the embroidery work. There are no stitches as the machine is not for sewing or stitching purpose. You can also make letters using 6 varied font styles. For a better and easy designing platform the machine offers 10 frame shapes and also has 12 different border styles to give you increased flexibility in designing and customizing the designs. There is a large screen to view the designs and a touch panel for easy settings and operations. There you can easily edit, convert mirror image, adjust the size of the design and edit the designs according to your preferences. The machine is ibroidery compatible and you can download the design and put them through the USB port. There is also an embroidery card slot for an easy design selection. To make the whole designing work easy, there is an easy threading function and an auto thread cutter that increases the efficiency and you can focus on your design rather than focusing on the extra work. Nothing is missing in this version and it’s a great one for an embroidery enthusiast.

Brother Project Runway LB-6800PRW Sewing / Embroidery Machine

Brother sewing machines are always manufactured, keeping in view all the needs of the user. The same has been done in this Brother Project Runway LB-6800PRW. This machine is a combination machine and work as a sewing as well as embroidery machine. Whether you need to quilt, make beautiful designs or stitch for your sewing project, you can surely rely on this machine. It comes with 67 built-in stitch options and 70 unique embroidery designs for you to customize your projects according to your needs. There are also 10 automatic buttonholes and 5 varied fonts for lettering projects. The embroidery area offers a 4×4 space for you to work and a free arm for easy cuffs and collar stitching. As an accessory the machine comes with a Project runway easy carrying case trolley and extra 64 threads for embroidery with snap spools. You have got the option to download the designs directly from your computer, though may also use the USB port for this. Easy threading and automatic thread cutting supplements your efficiency and making the embroidery work easier.

Important tip

For an embroidery machine always make sure to work carefully keeping in mind that you should ever push or pull the embroidery frame as it will affect the functions and operation of the machine and will also give a de-shaped appearance of the designs. Leave it, to the machine when all attributes have been adjusted.

Now, what we have here, are three of the most trusted and reliable sewing/ embroidery machines that you can buy for your embroidery and sewing projects. These machines have proven their worth, as user friendly, highly capable and advanced automatic machines that will not only help you work easily, but will make your project fun and creative and will boost your confidence as a passionate art and crafts expert. If you have got to work on multiple project that may involve embroidery or sewing then the Brother SE400 or Project Runway LB-6800PRW can work out for you. But if you only have to go with the embroidery work, you can buy any of the three or simply go for the Brother PE770 Embroidery machine. The choice is yours, we have given you the top options based on the features as the user experiences and our own judgement as expert analysts.

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