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Tips for choosing the right stabilizer for Machine Embroidery

Stabilizer is the foundation of the fabric, which supports stitches in the process of embroidering. It’s  necessary to pay attention to this step of fabric preparation. In this step, you will at least choose the right stabilizer for each of your fabrics. There are three types of stabilizers commonly known as: Cut away, tear away, and water. This article will give a brief introduction of three above mentioned stabilizers.

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Cut away stabilizer

First of all, cut away stabilizer is often used for knit fabric. This is to make sure that your stitches are supported even when you are putting in on to non-stretched materials such as your clothes.

There are some tips for you when using the cut away stabilizer:

  1. You can use a spray adhesive or simple without it. But remember to hoop it strongly and strongly onto the fabric surface.
  2. Take the stabilizer out of the design-take by simply reversing the other site of the design and slowly remove the stabilizer out of the fabric that has been hooped with before. Make sure your one hand is holding down firmly, and gently to the fabric, and another hand to start removing action.
  3. After separating the cut away stabilizer from the fabric, start using a small scissors to cut away the stabilizer. Get your scissors blade to go around the design and cut. Make sure the scissors only cut on the stabilizer until the circle around the design is break , and the stabilizer is totally remove. It’s done with the cut way process.

Tear away stabilizer

As it’s name, tear away stabilizer is the type of stabilizer which you can tear it apart, and leaving the design in the clean, and neat as you will have not any pieces of stabilizer to stick on the design after the sewing has been finished.

Tear away stabilizer is used for woven fabric (natural fabric such as cottons). It is important to prepare tear away with spray adhesive and make sure it is heavy enough to get the stabilizer stick to fabric.  After the woven done, just take the tear away step by step to be removed from the design.

  1. Reverse to the inverse site of the design, one hand hold on the fabric, and use another hand to get it out by tearing it a part from a vertical angle.
  2. Remove part by part or line by line the stabilizer from the fabric until there has no any stabilizer on the fabric surface. You can use the method of tweezers if it is hard to make sure all of the stabilizer parts to be gone away.
  3. Quickly and carefully clean and clear all the little pieces of the leftover stabilizer. Now you will see the design is lighten right after waiting for a tear away to be cleaned.

Water Soluble or Wash Away Stabilizer

Now we are onto another type of stabilizer called Water soluble stabilizer. It is delicately used for sensitive type of fabrics. Water Soluble stabilizer is the solution in this situation because of the sensitive fabrics may be very fragile. Therefore, wash away may giving no troubles to the problem of being tear down. It is recommended that working on wash away stabilizer will take more efforts and should follow these steps down below:

  1. Similarly for this type of stabilizer, we need a light weight and sprayed one. Trying not to let the stabilizer be dry which may affect the adherence feature. Make sure it sticks tighten and secure to the fabric.
  1. Smoothly arrange the fabric stabilizer in order to remove any wrinkles before hooping. Make sure not to stretch both of them too hard. Once this is done, let’s get ready to tighten the screws of the hoop again.
  2. Continuing with loading the design on. In some case the wash stabilizer is put on top for a reason of high density heavy fabric. This way, you can probably remove your stabilizer like the way showed in cut away stabilizer usage.
  3. Go ahead with the pre-determined procedures. Stay focusing on cutting the edges until you’ve finished cutting, the stabilizer may be on the design again.
  4. Now, take your design to a sink with some water in and use your hands and carefully, slowly scrub on the design to let the stabilizer completely melt down in the water and being washed away. You may need a small scissors to cut away those threads on the edges of the design.

The three types of stabilizers are utilized for different types of fabrics. Remember to get your right choice and start your preparation so well that the embroidering process will be smoothly and safely go through. You will get the design that you’ve always wanted.
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