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Tips for beginners how to use an embroidery machine to its full utility

Embroidery sewing is one of the most fascinating and challenging arts to learn for most people who have a penchant for embroidery works.  Learning the art of embroidering by using a sewing machine would be a difficult job if not practiced under a controlled guidance.  Once you start searching for embroidery sewing machines, you can find different models with varieties of combinative features that can be used for making wonderful creative embroidery design on the fabrics.  To be familiar with the tricks of using embroidery machines, you must be aware of the features and the techniques of using the embroidery machines to create fabulous designs and how to use it effectively.

Where will you get the relevant tutorials for using an embroidery machine in a most efficient manner? Well, it must be frustrating reading through long journals.  At times, you must be thinking that you should have some articles that can give simple tips so as to make learning embroidery machines an easy thing.  We have done some extensive research on this subject and brought you some simple and relevant tips that can convert your dream to mastering the embroidering art a reality.  These tips are prepared to target beginners for people who are a newbie in embroidery field.

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Having a thorough knowledge about the embroidery machine

It is crucial that before using a new embroidery machine or any new item we have to get the complete idea about the product. Reading owner’s manual is the easiest way to get some idea about the product.  Make sure you have all the accessories as being discussed in the manual and packing list. Having a thorough knowledge about the product let you handle the product confidently

The technique used to withdraw the embroidering thread

As it is an art of thread work, we need to know the usage of the thread within the device. Generally, depending on the fabric there will be 6 lines and each line is specially allotted for particular kind of fabric. You need to choose the correct line of fabric, and then insert the thread into it and withdraw it properly.  For a better experience, withdrawing the thread for embroidering will help you to master the trick properly.

It is easy to change line thread and withdraw the line thread of the machine. Each line threads are different from one another and can be effectively used on particular fabrics.  To make it possible, you must confirm the nature of the fabrics and use the threads matching the fabric. Also, be aware that different design of embroidery work required a different number of threads.  So use it sensibly otherwise, you will have the shortage of threads in between your work.

Keep the fabric as flat as you can

Keep the fabric as flat as you can that can help you to create a design exactly the way how you want to have it.  Hold the fabric firmly and make sure to find the center of the fabric. After doing this elementary works start designing the embroidery work.  Stretching the fabric much helps in getting a good design. If you are unable to locate the center of the fabric and start designing, the design may not get on the center of the fabric resulting you to cut a sorry face. Adjust the level of speed such that it wouldn’t be slippery and uncontrollable. If you start working at an uncontrollable speed, you will not get the desired result, unless you become a master craftsman.

Selecting the correct area to design

Learners or beginners find it very difficult to select the right area on the fabric for creating an embroidery design.  So it is suggested to mark the area with a pencil and circle the area where you want to have the design. You can also mark pointer so that you can have the right positioning of a design in upward or downward position. Try doing some practices on some used clothes until you get some perfect idea.

Using both the hands makes it easy to have control over the fabric and machine. With a single hand, you cannot handle the speed of sewing machine and also balance the position of the fabric.

Messy thread has to be completely avoided

The muddled thread is so irritating to use, and it may make you angry even. Take some time to clear the thread first then only use it but avoid stretching too much.

Lubricate the machine

Applying oil on thread withdrawn head to keep it out of rust, dust and makes it easy for smooth for thread moment, make it very slippery and give excellent withdraw technique. If the thread head withdraw technique do not work properly, that will create a messy situation. Even though it is time taking to the users, the smooth withdraw will keep the thread color remain unchanged and give quality embroidery works.


All these are key techniques that one has to know before using embroidery machine without fail especially if you are a beginner. This guide will help in getting embroidery work done at full speed in a professional style. Irrespective of the embroidery design pattern, remember to hold the fabric flat while negotiating with the embroidery machine. I am sure you will rock!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Rasha ElRefaei says:

    Hello everyone; I’m totally new to the fascinating world of embroidery so I was wondering about the best machine that I can use at home and has the largest area of embroidery cause I want to do full sleeves and stuff like that totally done with embroidery so I really need a big area with a usb feature, thanks for your help 😊

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