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Step by Step guide to use an embroidery machine?

Learning embroidery machine is an easy affair. You need to have the fire on your belly to pursue the nuances embroidery works and various techniques.  In fact, it is similar to learning to drive a full option automobile. That is because there nothing much you have to interact with the machine and to use your personal skills. You just have to give in your design settings and the rest the machine do it for you.

It is as simple as that. Most of the embroidery machines come with the same features. There are a few machines that are provided on the top-end models. Some of you might get panic the moment you saw a modern embroidery machine and absolutely no clue about its operations.  These highly advanced machines can do wonders if you know how to operate it properly.  It is very simple, and all you have to do is to just read the manual and start sewing.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you to use embroidery machines of different brands

  1. Keep all your things ready

Before you start to work, make sure that you got all your materials and the machine ready to start. Sometimes when you do not have the required materials, it can become difficult to begin. The things required for the job are needles, thread, bobbin, stabilizer, computer, embroidery software, fabric and your embroidery machine.

The machine stabilizer helps you hold the fabric in its place. The machine stabilizer prevents the stitching from getting distorted. You can see the tutorial video or go through the operation manual that are provided with embroidery machines. These machines use top and bobbin thread to embroider a design, and that means that the hoop is required for the stabilizing process.

The hooping can be done properly using the right stabilizer to avoid tension problems. Good embroidery machines provide automatic tension adjustment. However, you can adjust it manually.

  1. Selecting the right needle

There are many needles that are specifically designed for the embroidery thread. The needle size should be used according to the weight or thickness of your fabric. The needle that is selected should be able to carry the thread through the piece of fabric without damaging it.

Here are some basic details about needles:

  • For commercial embroidery machines, you will need to use round shank needles.
  • For domestic embroidery machines, you should use only flat-sided shank needles.
  • Ballpoint needles are good for knits as they have slightly rounded points.
  • For all fabrics and denim items, you need to use sharp pointed needles.
  1. Select the right embroidery thread

For your information, you must know that the embroidery thread is not the same regular thread used for sewing purpose. It is thinner but stronger when compared to the sewing thread. Bobbin thread makes the back of your embroidery stitched design lighter when compared to the front. Bobbin thread is thinner, lighter, and cheaper when compared to embroidery thread.

  1. Set the machine

If you have a 2-in-1 machines like Brother LB6800PRW that is a combination of embroidery and sewing then, you need to install an embroidery arm. You need also to remove the sewing section. Plug your machine and turn on. If necessary, you can connect it to your PC with the help of a USB cable.

Most of the new generation embroidery machines are attached with USB port.

  1. Thread the bobbin

It is necessary that you thread the bobbin properly. You can take help from the instruction manual. When you set the bobbin thread, turn the wheel on the side of your machine as it will make the needle lower. You need to install the bobbin appropriately before starting your design. If the bobbin thread appears on both sides of your fabric, then it is assumed that you had a wrong installation.

  1. Select the pattern or design and embroider

After loading the fabric into your machine, select the design to embroider. On the touch screen LCD of your embroidery machine, choose the desired design and the desired lettering fonts as per your requirements. The built-in memory of the embroidery machine allows you to store as many number of designs and patterns for your convenient use.  You can also use the online facilities to download latest designs or patterns that are not stored in the inbuilt memory. The embroidery machine operation is activated by pressing the on button, and single touch button operation allows you to cease the operation any time.


As you can see, using the embroidery machine is quite simple. The fully automatic embroidery machines are so versatile to use and can produce intriguing designs.  Most of the embroidery techniques can be mastered self by reading through the operation manuals.  Continued engagement with the embroidery machine gives you the required confidence and in a short period of time, you can become an expert in embroidery works.  If you can explore on the internet and learn about embroidery machine that will certainly help you a lot to know more about embroidery machine and its user techniques.

Thanks for reading!

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