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How to use an embroidery machine like a professional?

Sewing and embroidery fanatics are the ones who love their work. They don’t take their work as their hardships, rather they do it as their beloved art. So, whoever is on a hunt to find and practice the best ways to use an embroidery machine like a pro, must not be afraid of doing so. Because, its their inner passion and energy that will facilitate learning it, quickly and easily. Just focus on what you want to embroider and what capabilities does your embroidery machine has. If you know your resources and your goals for any embroidery work you want to do, there is nothing that will have a negative effect on your embroidery project or lower its vibrancy.

How to use an embroidery machine like a professional?

Here are some steps to lead you and make your embroidery project a fun and easy activity.

Select the best material

The first step is to select the material and essential things you will need to use or try out in the project.

The fabric: Like if you are going to embroider a design on a cotton cloth, denim, thick or thin, silk or acrylic or wool, or even on a quilt or a cap. All these options are out there for you, but select the easiest one if you just have begun to embroider by using your machine. Your best bet would be the cotton cloth with medium level of thickness. Remember, very thick or very thin, too coarse and too supple, all such texture is challenging for a beginner. So make sure you don’t go for such fabrics.

The thread: Select strong, dark colored threads. Always get sharp colors that would not fade away or their color would not be washed away, as it will ruin your design if you get a low quality thread.

The backing: select proper backing. Try to pick a backing that can easily be cut, is soft and not to hard and can stay with the cloth after pressing  with the help of an iron.

How to use an embroidery machine like a professional? (Image:

How to use an embroidery machine like a professional? (Image:

Prepare your machine

After that, you have got all the things ready, you need to prepare your embroidery machine. Latest embroidery machines come  with built in designs and stitches and an easy way to select the desired pattern.

At first, select the pattern, the size of the pattern and the colored threads you want to use. Thread your machine carefully, keeping the tension of the thread at medium level and select and enter the settings to get your machine ready to start. Make sure you have got the right needle that is suitable for the fabric as well as the thread.

Put the frame having the cloth fitted in it, and place it correctly into the embroidery field. Turn on the machine and let the creation start appearing on the fabric.

Never try to move the frame or alter the position manually as it will cause the thread or the needle to break and also will cause the design to appear de-shaped or deformed.

That’s all. The recent machines and computerized design and embroidery options have made the whole process a lot easier and now anyone who understands the basics can work with a wide range of embroidery designs easily. You just need a reliable embroidery machine and basic skills to experiment and design unique patterns.

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