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How to effectively care and maintain embroidery machines?

Embroidery machines can be found in many homes. They are purchased for various reasons and requirements. Some of you use these machines for personal use while some of them use it for commercial purposes. That is the reason, why those of you who want to buy a machine for personal use must know the best features.

It is also vital that you take some time to find out how to take the right care and maintenance of the machines. Those of you who are in a hurry to buy the embroidery machine should know that knowing the features and maintenance beforehand can help to make your sewing machine work simple. In this article, we will discuss some pointers on how to take care of the machines, so that they are durable.

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Know how to operate and then buy

It is imperative that you have to learn how to operate the machines before you buy the embroidery machine. It is surprising to note that many of you do not know how to operate the embroidery machines. These machines have to be handled gently. Rough or improper use may ruin the expensive machine. Only when you know how to operate the machine, then only you will know how to take good care of it.

Do not leave the embroidery machine uncovered

It is vital that you do not leave the embroidery machine uncovered. Most of you may not be using the machine always. Some of you might use the machine once in a week or a month. In these cases, it is not wise to leave the machine without a cover. This will help to protect it from dust. When placing the machine, you have to keep the machine somewhere free from dust and other pollutants.

Unplug the supply cord

When not in use, you have to unplug the embroidery machine. Many of you tend to forget to unplug the machine once you have finished using it. What happens here is that unnecessary power is consumed that can lead to bigger power bills and damages to your machine. You will want to know that your insurance policy for the machine does not cover surge problems.

Replace the needles often

The needles have to be often replaced. You will want to change the needles every 4 hours. When you are using the needle often, then you might want to change it every 2 hours. That is because when the needles become blunt, then the stitches are affected. Not to mention, the fabric can get damaged too. Replacing the needles whenever required can help you get right stitches and excellent performance.

Use the appropriate needle for embroidery

You will want to use the appropriate needle when doing embroidery. The fabric on which you are going to do your embroidery work is vital. If the fabric is strong, then you need a thick needle. When the fabric is thin, then you need a slim needle. Depending on the fabric the needles have to be used to get the right stitch.

Use the right bobbins

You need to use the right bobbins to get a perfect stitch. This helps in maintaining your embroidery machine. You need to find out the kind of bobbins that is most appropriate for the machine, and then only it can deliver the best performance. You can find that out from the user manual. If you use bobbins that are damaged, then it gives you very poor tension and decreases the bobbin sensor.

Right selection of thread

Selecting the right thread for embroidery helps in saving money. Some of you decide to use threads that are of poor quality. If you do so, then you will want to know that it will spoil your fabric when you are stitching. It will also damage the bobbed case. This will shorten the time of your machine. When you want to take good care of your machine then threads used are important.


These important factors should be kept in mind when you want to take good care of your embroidery machines. Good care and maintenance will help you improve the durability of your machine. From the investment point of view, you have to protect your investment by properly maintaining your embroidery machine.  After all it is a costly investment.  Manufacture’s assistance, guidance and periodical services are always very much important to keep your embroidery machine in perfect condition.  So, make sure that you are in touch with the manufacturer and keeping a good rapport.

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