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Guidelines to create simple applique using an embroidery machine

If you are an expert in threading and stitching, then you are well known to sewing machines and its services. Have you ever thought of creating a wonderful design or pattern like appliqué on your cloth using an embroidery machine?

If not, then below is an article that tells you few important guidelines that you need to follow while creating appliqué designs using an embroidery machine.

Appliquéing – what is it?

Appliquéing is the process of stitching fabric on top of another fabric. This type of stitching has been in practice for a long time wherein the ripped and torn clothes were fixed using this method. This is actually a needle wok technique where pieces and designs of another fabric are stitched on the cloth to create a new design or pattern.

This technique can be either done using hand or a sewing machine or even an embroidery machine. Moreover, when comparing all three methods of stitching it is quite comfortable to use an embroidery machine to make appliquéing designs on the fabric. Since it gives a perfect outcome and the does not damage the fabric too.

Appliqué outfits and uses

Appliqué is an exciting and simple technique to convert your lifeless garments to live one. This method is easy and only involves creativity to create and apply the design on the fabrics that were not used before. This type of stitching method is found on kid’s garments and on blankets that can transform the normal material into an extraordinary outfit.

This method of stitching is both economically cheap, easy to do, and unique way to gift for your family and friends. Yes, you may also consider gifting clothes with names or designs for your love, made by you especially.  This will be an apt gesture to express your love on their special day to make it an ever memorable day in their life. Hence, this technique is a unique form personalized gift.

How to create appliqué using an embroidery machine?

Below are few simple steps on how to use an embroidery machine to make appliqué designs on the fabric you like.

  1. Take the fabric you have chosen and cut it accordingly and then iron the stabilizer to the back of the appliqué for a proper finish.
  2. As the desired appliqué design is loaded into the machine, hoop the colored thread in the machine as need.
  3. The next step is select the fabric on which you are going to stitch the appliqué, after selecting the fabric draw an outline of the appliqué you are going to stitch on the fabric so that the stabilizer is placed properly.
  4. Now it is time to position the outline of the appliqué on the desired fabric. Look closer to avoid mistakes after stitching and to avoid puckering. This will help in reducing the stretches in the fabric too.
  5. Now start stitching the fabric along with the appliqué. As you complete the work pop the cut portion that is not required. After you complete the stitching process using your embroidery machine it is important to cut the extra fabric of appliqué from the boundary of the tacking stitch for the fabric. This is to maintain the precision and neatness of the fabric.


Thus, a neatly done appliqué stitched fabric is ready. Do remember that the designs of appliqué cannot be resized after you have done stitching process. If you like to change or resize the design, then try doing it before you upload the design into the machine.

Hope, you find the guidelines to be helpful regarding how to use an embroidery machine to make creative appliqué designs on your garments. So, start appliquéing your garments now!

Thanks for reading!

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