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Few important things to know before selecting a Serger machine

If you are a person planning to buy a serger sewing machine that will help you to stitch garments on your own, then you definitely have to read this article that explains the various features of serger machines.

A serger sewing machine is commonly called as overlock or marrow sewing machine since it widely used to stitch over the edge of the clothes. This machine is also professionally used by tailors to make rolled hems, wrapped edges, safety stitches, blind hem seams, and edge hemming stitches in garments to provide perfection and pleasurable look to the cloth.

Basic things to check while purchasing your serger machine

A Serger machine is quite different from an ordinary sewing machine. Therefore, before buying a serger sewing machine, there are few important things to cross check and considered. The important points are:

  • Selection competency of thread
  • Look for additional features
  • The cost factor
  • Checking the reviews
  1. Selection competency of thread

Every model serger machine available in the market are bit different from each other. For example, the number of thread rolls used in a machine may vary from 2 to 5. This is to make the seams and hems on the fabric to be strong and firm.

If you are planning to purchase a low-cost machine, then it would be better to go with a 3-thread machine than a 5-thread model serger machine.  Nevertheless, a 5-thread serger machine is more advanced and has the ability to provide automatic jet stream threading service while performing its function to justify its cost.

  1. Look for additional features

It is always important to know about the product’s features and specifications at the time of purchase. Thus, you will get an idea about the available products in the market that will enable you to shortlist the best ones from the worst.

Speaking of the serger sewing machines, these machines are provided with few additional features that are very useful when compared to normal model serger machines. The machine allows the operator to adjust fabric and needle threaded according to one’s comfort, in different ways. The machine also includes a variety of bells and whistles along with the ability to charge the machine either by computer or electric or mechanical methods.

  1. The cost factor

The most important aspect of buying a serger machine is to check the price. Yes, the amount you are paying must be worth enough to the machine it must deliver the performance what you are expecting. You will not be happy in purchasing a product that is not reliable to use. So, spending little effort in knowing the prices of the machine is important so that shortlisting process will ease up your effort.

Actually, a serger sewing machine is highly advanced to normal sewing machine thus it is for sure that the serger machine is quite costly. Hence, it is better to choose a machine suitable to your budget but remember that depending on the size of the machine the price will vary too.

  1. Checking the reviews

It is always better to spend more time and effort on the review sites that offers you details on the features and the prices of the machines available in the market. The review pages are the best source of information to know about the machine brands, specifications, and the performance level.

Stepwise process on how to use a serger machine

The below steps will help you to use a serger machine perfectly and will help you to have it for long uninterrupted performance and service.

  1. Turn the switch on:

Before starting, the foremost thing to do is switch on your serger machine to start the work.

  1. Presser Foot Operation:

Pick-up the presser foot to keep the fabric you have chosen in position.

  1. Maneuvering With Needle Dial

Now try to lift the needle using the dial option. You just need to turn the dial carefully and slowly to lift the needle up.

  1. Slide The Fabric Below the Pressure Foot:

Slide the fabric you have chosen under the presser foot and then lower the presser foot down in order to use the machine. It is important that you choose right fabric to sew on a serger machine since all fabric will not suit the serger machine.

  1. Lower The Presser Foot To Start the Serger Machine:

As soon as you fix the presser foot at the right place lower the presser foot to start the serger machine.  Care must be taken to assure that the presser foot is placed in the right position.

  1. Being Your Sewing Work:

Follow the instructions on the manual before you start stitching the serger machine. Make sure to select the right needle and thread for your fabric.

  1. Do A Trial Before You Start The Sewing:

It is always a wise thing to use a small piece of fabric to check how the stitch falls on the fabric.  If the technical sewing adjustments are not done properly, you won’t get the right quality stitches.


What type of needle is good to use on my serger machine?

Answer: It is advised to read the instruction manual to have a good understanding of the type of needle that is best suitable for your serger machine. Since the instruction manual deals with the subject, that is the only best way to find out the best needle for your machine that can help to deliver the best performance.

Why is Serger Cone Thread recommended as the best for my serger machine?

Answer:  Even though, any normal sewing thread can be used on a serger machine, it is best to use Serger Cone Thread.  Because, Serger Cone Thread has long thread capacity.  Since it has long thread capacity, you can have uninterrupted sewing experience.


Hope, you a have understood clearly about the important features and the steps you need to follow while purchasing and maintaining a serger sewing machine. So, make use of the details provided in the serger machine review to buy a branded serger machine to make beautiful and long lasting stitches on your garments!

Thanks for reading!

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