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Embroidex Large Hoop for Brother SE350 SE400 LB6770 LB6800 SE270D HE1 HE120 HE240 NV500D NV900D NV950D PE300 PE400D PE500 PE 540D PE525 PE SE270D Babylock Intrigue BLI Embroidery Machine Review

Overall Impression

The “Embroidex Large Hoop For Brother” is amazing with its adjustable features.  It is more or less similar to the SA434. It comprises of large three stage hoops, and ready to work with various machines. Some of those machines are PE500, PE 540D, SE350, SE400, PE525, PE SE270D, SE270D, HE1, HE120, HE240, NV500D, NV900D, LB6770, LB6800, NV950D, PE300 and PE400D. The products are excellent for monogramming collars, cuffs, infant wear and other smaller items.

Additionally, this machine comprises of the adjustment screw, which helps in securing fabrics in their correct position. The package comprises of the clear grid, helping out forming accurate alignment. These hoops are considered to be a generic example, which form an appropriate replacement for the other Brother SA431 hoops. The best part about this Embroidex Large Hoop is that it can adjust well with different models of Brother Babylock Intrigue BLI Embroidery Machines.

Favorable characteristics and additional features

Economically priced:

With so many amazing features, you might have this feeling that this Embroidex Large Hoop for Brother is extremely costly. However, you will be pleased to know that these items are not likely to pinch a hole in your pocket, thanks to their competitive rates.

Bigger loops:

You will avail large three stages hoop with a single package, which add more to your flexibility. Moreover, you can create larger designs, without any need for repositioning your fabric. The loops are bigger in size, and will adjust prominently with the fabric. Additionally, the repositioning features help you to move the present hooped fabric to the present additional overlapping segment. You have the liberty to combine smaller designs together, to create a prominent and larger one, and without using re-hoop technologies!

Babylock Intrigue BLI and its advantages:

The Hoop helps in increasing the area, which you might embroider. One hoop can be expanded to approximately 5 inches x 7 inches. Additionally, the present Babylock Intrigue BLI helps in adding more designs to your embroidery piece. The item is smaller in size and compact. It can be used at home by homeowners, and you do not have to be a pro in stitching technology to use this item. As it adjusts well with different models, therefore; one buy fits all!

Some potential problems:

Even the best of items comprises of some little problems. Even though, this hoop is quite durable and sturdy enough; still it is prone to breakage if not handled with care. The locks are tough but need to be kept clean to avoid rust formation.

Great buy, at present:

At present, this product is available about an affordable amount of only $21.99, with free shipping services anywhere in the USA.  The pricing and shipping terms make the hoop extremely reasonable, and a must have for your stitching purposes. It also bagged an average 4.4 stars rating out of 5 on Amazon online store reviews, and 75% of the customers were so generous in supporting the product with full 5 stars ranking.
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Good for various designs:

Whether you are planning to make a small floral design or want to decorate your simple curtain with some fringes, there are loads of options available. This hoop gets adjusted to fabric quite well, making it a great buy for novices and pros. As you can buy these items from reputed Amazon portal, therefore; guarantee comes well with the item. It’s light in weight and with easily adjustable knobs.

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