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Embroidery guide for beginners – How to select a best embroidery sewing machine!

Sewing machines have been an essential household commodity since their advent. It does not just makes the tasks easier, but also saves a lot of manual labor and time giving away précised results. Finding the right sewing machine will save money and moreover give optimized results. In this embroidery guide for beginners, the most important questions regarding selecting the best embroidery sewing machine suited for your needs are answered.

1) Brand: Selection of the brand is an important step to consider. There are various brands in the market, but quality matters the most. Customer reviews help in determining the right brand and such reviews can be found on the manufacturer’s website blogs. Also, you can have valuable information from Private Network Blogs. Moreover, a company that provides excellent after sale service like on time servicing should always be preferred.

2) Application – Domestic or Industrial: Utmost important factor is that how are you going to use the machine. Is it for your personal use or industrial purpose? It is advisable to read the features of the machine on the company’s website and the blogs. Check out for all the requirements that you desire in a machine. Accordingly, a machine that will fit your needs can be picked up.

3) Features in Demand: Check out for essential requirements that every machine must possess. When the question of “how to select a best embroidery sewing machine” comes in your mind, this mandatory step must be performed. Certain features like needle threader, the pressure sensor or automatic thread cutting and bobbin winding from the needle are a necessity in every sewing machine and one must make sure that these features are present in the machine before ordering one.

Embroidery guide for beginners (Image:

Embroidery guide for beginners (Image:

4) Hoop size: The size of the hoop is yet another major determinant. While going through this embroidery guide for beginners, you can mark this very significant criterion of selection for the best embroidery sewing machine. Hoop sizes range between 100 x 100 and 360 x 350. Depending upon the project that you have undertaken the hoop size can be selected. For instance, your focus is just a normal house stitched cushion cover then a hoop size of 100 x 100 can suffice this very purpose. Larger hoop sizes are required when the projects are big as in the case of industrial designs where large scale manufacturing of products is done.

5) The importance of throat width: The question, “how to select a best embroidery sewing machine also demands the customer to undergo a rigorous selection procedure for their machines when it comes to the throat width. Throat width is essentially the distance between the machine body and the needle. More space or throat width, more convenient it is to move around the cloth to be stitched or embroidered. Machines having less throat width give less free space for the cloth to be kept and thus sometimes it might be very frustrating for the user to keep adjusting the cloth in order to fit it in between the throat width. The embroidery guide for beginners does lay sheer focus on this point.

6) Multipurpose features: Moving to next important criterion is to check the multipurpose use of the machine. Always check out if the machine has an embroidery unit separated from the sewing machine. If the answer is an affirmation, then one can even use the machine for quilting, sewing as well as embroidery. This will save a lot of money on buying three different machines, and the benefit of three machines can be enjoyed in this one particular machine. Reading embroidery guide for beginners will give an insight to the core aspects that are to be considered while narrow downing the product.

7) Check the accessories: Look out for accessories accompanying the machine. Attachments like a quilting table or different kinds of presser feet can be added to the machine. While buying an embroidery sewing machine try to look for such machines that allow for attachments as and when required. This is an important step to consider while looking for options, how to select the best embroidery machines.

8) Built-in software: To experience the best embroidery sewing you may like to create your own designs and customize it. For the very purpose, always look out for machines that come along with digitizing software. Would not it be great fun if the pictures once you have imagined turning out to become beautiful embroidery? Now, depending upon the detailing of the design one can choose from a host of digitizing programs available on the market. Always prefer a brand that allows you to explore more designs.

9) USB Features: Further important parameter while answering the question “how to select a best embroidery sewing machine” is to identify whether the designs are inbuilt or required to transfer from computers or other sources. It is better if the machine has good connectivity options so that multiple options of loading or transferring designs from the computer is available to the user. Machines with no good connectivity options render the user with the only a few designs that are inbuilt in the machine. Further, it is advisable to figure out that what kind of portal is involved in the transfer of these designs from computers to the machines. It is always convenient to use a USB cord or drive to transfer data.

10) Warranty and Service: Lastly, in this embroidery guide for beginners, the most required check should be that for warranty and services provided with the machine. It is no doubt that one should always prefer machines giving a good warranty period with a better after sale service. The after sale service provided by the manufacturer or the dealer should add some value for the money invested in buying the machine. Dealers or manufacturers usually offer service personals in the case of damage to the machine. Searching for a manufacturer that offers a free one or two-time servicing should be good enough.

11) Online assistance: Online customer assistance is an important thing and makes sure your selected brand or the sales dealer offering this kind of service. Look for a company or dealer that offers 24×7 online services. Because you never know when you will require some kind of online assistance.  Timely online assistance can solve many of the embroidery machine issues.


A clear idea about the product and satisfactory information shall give you the required confidence to buy the product that you are looking for. All the vital elements related how to select a best embroidery sewing machine has been honestly addressed in this article. Reading embroidery sewing machine reviews also will help you to understand more about the products. It is paramount to collect as much information as possible before you decide on the best embroidery sewing machine suitable for your requirements!

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