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Best Embroidery Machine Of The Year 2017 And 2016 Review

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Introduction about embroidery machines

Embroidery machines continue to play their dominant inference in the fashion industry. From the old age mechanically powered sewing machines, we are progressed to computer aided designer-friendly sewing machines. We, in this best embroidery machine reviews, passionately discuss about the various Brother Embroidery sewing machines, some of them competent enough to meet complex designer patterns with the aid computer aided sewing features.

Brother embroidery sewing machines are unique in features that are computerized and accommodated with various innovations to make sewing experience an enjoyable one. These sewing machines are designed to help the upcoming tailors to learn and make embroidery designs with ease.

The embroidery machine reviews will discuss about some of the embroidery machines that have been manufactured by one of the most widely-recognized brands, Brother!

Type of embroidery machines and 4 product introductions

The embroidery machines are not to make only exclusive embroidery design and patterns on your cloth. But the trendy machines on the market are for both sewing and embroidery works, even complex embroidery works with much ease.

Few sewing embroidery machines like Brother SE400, Brother PE525, etc., are the upgraded sewing machines that have been released recently. But its specifications and features have made it very popular among the tailors and designers who consider it to be the best working partner.

This best embroidery machine reviews will explain you about the features and services of the new sewing embroidery machines, namely the Brother SE400, Brother PE525, Brother PE700, and Brother LB6800PRW. These machines are the star products of the brand Brother that are specially designed for tailors and fashion designers to save their precious time and effort.

Top best embroidery machine reviews of the year 2017 and 2016

1. Brother SE400 (best sellers)

The Brother SE400 is one of the best sewing machine that are available in the market. It is versatile, easy to use, and helps you design unique embroidery. This Brother comes with more than 90 stitching functions and 67 sewing stitches. You can design the most elegant décors for your home, office, including gifts for your family.


The Brother SE400 has a long list of features that include 4×4″ embroidery area, 67 unique stitches, 98 stitch functions, library with 5 lettering fonts, 70 designs, and 120 frame patterns, LCD touch-screen, auto thread cutter, auto needle threaded, connects to a computer via USB, built-in tutorials, 7-point feed dogs, and Quick-set drop-in bobbin system.

Some of the outstanding features:

Easy to use & control – touch screen display

The sewing machine contains touch screen display panel that enables the user to control the sewing and embroidery functions and settings. Since the screen is an LCD touch-screen display, it is the user’s wish to either touch the icons with their finger or use the included stylus.

Sewing Home Control Screen is the main control panel in the sewing machine. This is where the sewing function and service appears when you turn on the machine. The machine includes 67 utility stitches from which the user can choose the best for their material.

The display includes right side column keys and left side column keys on the control panel that perform different functions. The right column keys are operation keys for sewing stitch, embroidery, settings, and help function. The left column keys include back action, previous page, next page, and memory function to save the selected design.

Embroidery card slots with 70 built- in embroidery designs

The Brother SE400 sewing machine comes with a card slot. This feature is to help the user to read the embroidery designs from Brother Embroidery Cards. This card includes additional Brother Embroidery designs like Nickelodeon Collection and special licensed Disney characters, so that you may use them as the way want to use it.

Backlit LED lights to brighten your working area

The awesome feature of Brother SE400 sewing machine enables the user to brighten up their working area using the LED lights. These lights are bright and clear changing the area more visible to the user.


  • Great price.
  • Compact, sturdy, and easy to carry
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Features to rotate embroidery designs on the LCD screen.
  • Features to modify the stitch designs.


  • The 4×4” hoop size limits embroidery projects
  • The needles are of low quality and break while using

Rating and Ranking

The Brother SE400 is one of the best sewing machine and the number one best seller and has been ranked 4.6 out of 5 stars as per reviews on Amazon by 1,595 customers.


The Brother SE400 is a powerful and useful sewing machine. However, you will want to make sure that you do some research. When you haven’t used similar machine earlier, it is recommended to familiar with its features. You will want to know that you buy additional pre-wound bobbins, embroidery thread, and needles before you start.


On the whole, the Brother SE 400 sewing machine is a wonderful product that is a great teacher to the beginners as well as a good partner to the experienced tailors and the designers. If you are planning to get an embroidery machine with all desirable amenities, then this is the right product to choose.

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2. Brother PE525

The Brother PE525 sewing machine is one of the most expensive embroidery machines priced about $599. The PE500 series of machines come with a small, 4″x4″ embroidery area. This reduces your options to come up with embroidery designs. It is an easy to use and friendly embroidery machine.

This machine offers you with several options that can help you come up with your own designs and hence has tremendous demand on the market.

Some of the interesting features:

The Brother PE525 is a sewing and embroidery machine that is stuffed with many features to help the user to make embroidering fun and easy. The PE525 machine comes with options and features like 4″x4″ embroidery area, 70 built-in designs, 120 frame patterns, and 5 font styles for lettering and monogramming.

This machine comes with 25-year limited warranty and free customer phone and online technical support service for the life of the product.

Automatic needle threader & thread cutter

The automatic needle threader and thread trimmer is a big timesaver. The annoying experience of threading the needle is an old story with this machine. Brother has specially designed the sewing machine PE525 with automatic threading needle feature. With this feature, one can focus on the design rather than the needle eyes.

The thread cutter is also another feature that is very helpful and it enables the user to control the needle up or down. As soon as you finish your job, you just need to press a button, and the machine will auto cut thread for you.

LCD screen display

The PE525 sewing machine contains LCD screen display that is the main control panel in the machine. Saved functions and services appear on the display so that the user can easily select and make beautiful designs and patterns on the cloth. The user may also use the control panel to control your machine and to edit your designs on it. These features let the machine stay in the best sewing machine category.

The screen has right keys and left keys that help you to perform various operations and services.

Built-in designs

The embroidery machine PE525 includes 70 built-in designs that are unique and beautiful. You can select your favorite design from the LCD screen and edit it accordingly. Designs including animals, flowers and something others are already saved to use immediately on your material. There are also alphabets and numbers that you can use for embroidery work.

Computer connectivity and embroidery area

The sewing machine is totally computerized to meet any advanced embroidery options. You even get your machine connected to internet and download designs from the internet. You may also consider using this technology to submit your designs to forums and social sites.

The Embroidery area of Brother PE525 is 4×4 inches. That is not as large as some more expensive embroidery machines. But most of the embroidery machines on the market have the same size of embroidery area.


  • Seventy built-in decorative designs.
  • Five lettering fonts.
  • Easy to connect with computer to import additional designs.
  • Automatic needle threader and thread trimmer.
  • Drop-in bobbin.


  • The 4”x4” embroidery space is small which reduces your design creation.
  • The needles can break easily, and you need to purchase several, just in case.

Rating and Ranking

The Brother PE525 has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and has received 20 customer reviews on Amazon.


The machine is good as it is extremely easy to use and comes with several functions and is termed as the best sewing machine. The only drawback would be the small embroidery area. For people who are serious about sewing and creating designs for monetary gains, then it will be a choice to bet.


Brother PE525 has a lot of commercial potentials. It is the best buy for people who are interested in pursuing embroidering as a profession or part time hobby. This machine is also ideal for people who have a passion for sewing and embroidering. This powerful and versatile machine is recommended as a professional embroidery machine in many embroidery machine reviews.

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3. Brother PE770

The Brother PE770 is a user-friendly machine. The sewing machine comes with a large embroidery area that helps you to have plenty of space for monogramming large items. You can easily design the complex designs with the back-lit display. The built-in designs include frame shapes, border styles, floral designs, patterns for quilts, scrollwork, and others.


The features of the PE770 include 5×7” embroidery area, built-in memory, and library with 6 lettering fonts and 136 designs, USB port and card slot, LCD touch-screen, auto thread cutter, auto needle threader, quick-set bobbin, max embroidery speed of 650 stitches per minute, and it just weighs 27.8 lbs.

The outstanding features that make the difference

136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 lettering fonts

The PE770 embroidery machine is specially crafted to beautify your home interior and décor. This machine includes 136 inbuilt designs and 6 lettering fonts that help the user to create wonderful designs and patterns on the fabrics. Few known designs saved in the machine memory are delicate scrollwork, intricate floral, classic quilt patterns, and so much more.

This machine also includes 10 built-in frame shapes and 12 border styles that enable you to select a typical style border or frame shape to add perfection to your garment or curtains you use at home and office.

Easy to control – LCD screen display

The LCD screen is of 1.4-inch by 2.7-inch. The large and easy to use touchscreen display allows you to perform editing and designing options with ease. You can design and edit the size of the design, and you may also navigate from one corner to another easily using the touch screen display.

Automatic needle threader and trimmer

The automatic needle threader feature is present in the PE770 embroidery machine. This enables you to thread the needle easily. Thus, it enables you to concentrate on the embroidery and not the needle head. The automatic needle threading design even improves the accuracy of work by thread trimming service.

Easy bobbin winding system

It also comes with an easy bobbin winding system that contains quick set bobbins, advanced needle threading, and thread cutting button. You just need to drop in your bobbin and put the thread in the slot and then start your embroidery work readily.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Automatic threader, useful for beginners.
  • It is very easy to upload designs that are purchased online.
  • Great quality stitch
  • LCD screen
  • Large embroidery area


  • The display is black and white.
  • The hoop is cheap and hard to fit into the machine.

Rating and Ranking

The Brother PE770 has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars and has received 644 customer reviews on Amazon.


The Brother PE770 is one of a kind sewing machine that can meet many of the standard stitching and embroidery requirements. There are several built-in features, and it comes with a reasonable price.


The PE770 is easily one of the best brother embroidery machines for home embroidery. When you want a quick, dedicated and feature rich machine, then this is the ideal choice. For large embroidery projects, you cannot find a better sewing machine that can help you get the tasks completed on time.

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4. Brother LB-6800PRW

Are you a professional embroiderer looking for the embroidery machine for your projects? Then you will want to consider the Brother LB6800PRW that is best suited as it is 2-in-1 combination of embroidery and sewing. The machine comes with excellent features and functions that enable you to design impressive and complex designs.


Some of the features of the machine include 70 built-in embroidery patterns, 67 true sewing stitches with 98 stitch functions, “4 x 4” field of embroidery, 120 frame pattern combination and five embroidery lettering fonts, simple letter selection, built-in embroidery card slot, USB port to connect to PC to download patterns from the Internet, backlit LCD touch screen design memory, on-screen editing, Quick-set drop-in bobbin and automatic needle threader, speed of 710 stitches a minute and can embroider at 400 stitches a minute, variable stitch speed slider, etc.

Know some important features

4 by 4-inch embroidery area

The machine has a 4 x 4-inch embroidery area with two functions at the same time. The 4 x 4-inch embroidery hoop has seven sewing specialty feet, rolling bag. Since, the machine totally computerized you can easily edit and design new embroidery designs and upload different models too.

67 sewing stitches in- built

The Brother LB-6800PRW sewing machine comes with 67 sewing stitches like quilting, decorative, utility, and heirloom stitches. The machine also includes 70 built-in embroidery patterns with 98 stitch functions. These stitches and embroidery patterns help the beginners to make delicate designs easily.

User-friendly touch screen LCD

The Brother LB-6800PRW sewing machine includes a user-friendly display that is an LCD touch screen display that provides control and easy access via LCD control panel. This control panel also includes amazing features like frames, lettering, and the functions of editing and redesigning in order help the beginners and professionals to make unique designs on the cloth.

Automatic threading & easy bobbin preparation

The bobbin preparation in this machine is a quick and easy process to perform. Similarly, threading the needle eye and trimming the unwanted thread while stitching, is simple by using the Brother LB-6800PRW sewing machine; since both are automatic.


  • Bundle of features that can help you come up with innovative designs
  • Computer connectivity to upload customized embroidery projects
  • Needle stop position control
  • Electronic variable sewing speed to choose the sewing speed


  • Large arm makes it difficult to sew around cuffs
  • The hoop cannot be upsized

Rating and Ranking

The Brother LB-6800PRW has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and has received 314 customer reviews on Amazon.


The Brother LB6800PRW comes with free phone support and 25 years of warranty that can help you live in peace of mind. Most of the products do not come with this kind of warranty, which itself is a proof of confidence that the manufacturer has on their product.


It is safe to say that the LB6800PRW is the sewing machine around with its combination of sewing and embroidery. You can easily learn from the built-in tutorials on using the automatic bobbin winder, correctly positioning the machine spool of thread, etc.

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5. SINGER Futura XL-400 computerized sewing and embroidery machine

This review on SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine is created to have on hand information and meant to introduce the interface features making sewing and embroidery a hassle free experience. The advanced features are well explained so that people can follow it easily. The purpose of the review is to describe its valuable contents that shall be surely helpful to people with interactive computer skills, lovers of designs, innovative, creative peoples, and the most important to all those moms who love their kids to see in their choice of designer clothes.

Overview of the contents

The sewing machine is very easy to connect to a PC and to work on SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine with the help of built – in tutorials, CD’s, is less of a task, more of a joy as to choose your loved designs. You can select custom colors for your threads along with 125 inbuilt embroidery designs supported by 5 Monogramming Fonts and 3D Realistic View and Print Capabilities.  These features will help you to see your dream design on your project by using the provided USB cable.

You can make large designs by using the embroidery hoop options and multi-hooping features. With the embroidery hoop options, you can develop a design up to 10×6 inches and with the multi-hooping you can make a design up to 12×20 inches. SwiftSmart threading mode with Drop and Sew bobbin made the easiest set-up. It has a bigger sewing feature with needle up and down area for Quilting and Embroiders by itself without using the foot pedal and is extremely easy to use; one can use any format having the following features as:


1.      Swift Smart Threading System makes easy and quick needle threading

2.      Drop and Sew bobbin system easily help to load and change the bobbin, and the bobbin thread is not required to pick up.

3.      Very big Sewing Space

4.      Design File Compatibility types as EXP FHE, SHV XXX, HUS, JEF, CHE, PES, DST, PCS, PEC, SEW, VIP, & PSW.

5.      To eliminating eye strain sewing surface has a light that helps in your work ease.

6.      The embroidery work is a challenging job especially T-shirts made easy with your own design.


  1. Required Computer knowledgeable person to operate its various functions. And required initial basic training for smooth running and operating that’s it.
  2. No auto punch and editing software present.
  3. As the hoops move, it becomes loud.


With most lovable features to SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine makes user-friendly and the appearance, that makes sewing an interesting and fascinating fun filled experience for all sewers.

The product has bagged 3.5 out of 5 stars on an average scale of 374 Amazon customer reviews. Out of this 45% customers has casted full 5 stars ranking for SINGER Futura XL-400 shows the moderate acceptability, which prompts me to recommend for any beginners who wanted to practice embroidering as a leisure time as a hobby.


To summarize on the SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine review, it is an ideal Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machines meant for all those who love to make designs fun and learn. Since, the sewing job involved a lot of complicated, hard works, these problems are taken care of by the computerized features. Home decoration and clothing pattern with embroidery and quilting serve as an enjoyable pursuit for people who want to develop their creative skills. On the whole, SINGER Futura XL-400 encourages and builds confidence for the modern young sewers, by using its modern computerized features effectively.

To know more about this product, please Check on

Comparison table

The specification and details of the sewing machines can be found below:

Specification & Details Brother SE400 Brother PE525
Stitches per minute 67 unique sewing stitches and 70 pre-programmed embroidery designs 70 pre-programmed embroidery designs
Automatic Threader Automatic Needle Threader Advanced Needle Threader
Thread cutter Built-in thread cutter. Auto Thread Trimmer
Buttonhole type 10 one-step buttonhole style. No
Automatic Bobbin Winder Automatic and convenient bobbin winding system No
Presser Feet Presser feet leveling system No
Sewing Light 1 LED 1 LED
Adjustable Feed Dogs 7-point feed dogs system No
Extension Table No No
Foot Controller No No
Accessories 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop, Embroidery Arm, Soft cover, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, over casting foot, monogramming foot, button fitting foot, embroidery foot, blind stitch foot, English/Spanish operation manual Needle set, Bobbin (3), Cleaning Brush, Screwdriver (large), Seam Ripper, Spool Caps (4 – small, 2 medium, large), Disc-shaped Screwdriver, Spool net, Touch Pen, Scissors, Embroidery bobbin thread, USB cable, Dust cover and Accessory bag,
Computerized Yes Yes
LCD Display LCD Touch screen LCD Touch screen
Rating 4.6 / 5 stars 4.3 / 5 stars
Weight (Pound) 10.9 pounds 21.9 pounds
Warranty 25 years limited warranty 25 years limited warranty
Price $299.99

1,596+ Customer reviews


20+ Customer reviews

Price from $500 – under $600

Specification & Details Brother PE770 Brother LB-6800PRW
Stitches per minute 136 built-in embroidery designs 67 sewing stitches
Automatic Threader Automatic Needle Threader Advanced Needle Threader
Thread cutter One-touch automatic thread cutter One-touch automatic thread cutter
Buttonhole type No 10 one-step buttonhole style.
Automatic Bobbin Winder No Automatic bobbin winder
Presser Feet No Yes
Sewing Light 2 LEDs 1 LED
Adjustable Feed Dogs No 7-point feed dogs system
Extension Table No No
Foot Controller No No
Accessories Seam ripper, needle set, bobbins, cleaning brush, spool caps, screwdrivers, scissors, spool net, accessory bag, reference guide and manual Scissors, needle set, seam ripper, twin needle, touch pen, eyelet punch, extra spool pin, cleaning brush, bobbins including clips (3), screwdrivers (2), spool caps (3), spool net, accessory case, embroidery arm, embroidery bobbin thread (clear), embroidery material, USB cable, Operations Manual and instructional CD
Computerized Yes Yes
LCD Display LCD Touch screen LCD Touch screen
Rating 4.4 / 5 stars 4.5 / 5 stars
Weight (Pound) 27 pounds 36.6 pounds
Warranty 25 years limited warranty 25 years limited warranty
Price $589.99

650+ Customer reviews


93+ Customer reviews

Price from $600 – under $1200

Buying guide:

While planning to buy the best brother embroidery machines, it is necessary to check the pointers. These pointers will help you to select an appropriate product to choose from the ocean of embroidery machines.

1. Price

The price of the machine is a vital factor always that you need to think about before purchasing it. There are machines that cost more than $1,000 backed by a 25-year limited warranty. It is better to choose a product with a desirable warranty so that you can be sure that the product has value for money.

2. Spend time on reviews

You will want to spend time on reviews and find out more on the machines available in the market. It helps you to understand more about the machines and their features. It is vital that you know about their drawbacks before purchasing them. You can read some of the embroidery machine reviews before coming to your conclusion.

3. Future projects

Buy a sewing machine suitable for your present and future projects. The shape and size of the machine must be based on the size of your project. If you are looking for personal use, then you can do with any machine that can help you design embroidery. The skill level also matters, and when you are looking on a professional level, then a powerful machine is on the cards.

Embroidery Machines of the Year 2016

Embroidery Machines of the Year 2016

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In a nutshell, the best sewing machine is the one that would help to accomplish your objectives. It is also about comfort and convenience. The machine that enables you to work efficiently and can create unique embroidery designs should have to be purchased, on a long-term perspective. All of the above four mentioned sewing machines are excellent in features and comes with their own pros and cons. Regular reading of best embroidery machine reviews can give current trends and innovations on sewing and embroidery machines that can help you to take the best decision.

Thank you so much for reading!


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