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Brother SE400 Embroidery Set Up: Part Two (Embroidery tutorials)

This embroidery tutorial, Brother SE400 Embroidery Set Up (Part Two), will show you how to select your embroidery designs from either the machine or the computer, and teach you how to use the basic editing features on the machine to get you started on your machine embroidery projects. Once you understand how it all works, you will discover it’s not as intimidating as you originally thought.

In this video I will take you through some of the features and steps for loading your embroidery designs, resizing them, positioning them, and color choices when using the Brother SE 400 Embroidery Sewing Machine.

Learning how to navigate your Sewing Machine (Brother SE 400) and settings will produce successful sewing or embroidery project.

You can also use embroidery software for customizing designs for machine embroidery. Embrilliance Embroidery Software is a great choice if you work with a MAC computer.
I provided the link below.

Video Brother SE400 Embroidery set up part 2 by tlcinspirations (thanks you so much)

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