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Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine of the Year

The Brother PE525 sewing machine is one of the most expensive embroidery machines priced about $599. The PE500 series of machines come with a small, 4″x4″ embroidery area. This reduces your options to come up with embroidery designs. It is an easy to use and friendly embroidery machine.

This machine offers you with several options that can help you come up with your own designs and hence has tremendous demand on the market.

Some of the interesting features:

The Brother PE525 is a sewing and embroidery machine that is stuffed with many features to help the user to make embroidering fun and easy. The PE525 machine comes with options and features like 4″x4″ embroidery area, 70 built-in designs, 120 frame patterns, and 5 font styles for lettering and monogramming.

This machine comes with 25-year limited warranty and free customer phone and online technical support service for the life of the product.

Automatic needle threader & thread cutter

The automatic needle threader and thread trimmer is a big timesaver. The annoying experience of threading the needle is an old story with this machine. Brother has specially designed the sewing machine PE525 with automatic threading needle feature. With this feature, one can focus on the design rather than the needle eyes.

The thread cutter is also another feature that is very helpful and it enables the user to control the needle up or down. As soon as you finish your job, you just need to press a button, and the machine will auto cut thread for you.

LCD screen display

The PE525 sewing machine contains LCD screen display that is the main control panel in the machine. Saved functions and services appear on the display so that the user can easily select and make beautiful designs and patterns on the cloth. The user may also use the control panel to control your machine and to edit your designs on it.  These features let the machine stay in the best sewing machine category.

The screen has right keys and left keys that help you to perform various operations and services.

Built-in designs

The embroidery machine PE525 includes 70 built-in designs that are unique and beautiful. You can select your favorite design from the LCD screen and edit it accordingly. Designs including animals, flowers and something others are already saved to use immediately on your material. There are also alphabets and numbers that you can use for embroidery work.

Computer connectivity and embroidery area

The sewing machine is totally computerized to meet any advanced embroidery options. You even get your machine connected to internet and download designs from the internet. You may also consider using this technology to submit your designs to forums and social sites.

The Embroidery area of Brother PE525 is 4×4 inches. That is not as large as some more expensive embroidery machines. But most of the embroidery machines on the market have the same size of embroidery area.


  • Seventy built-in decorative designs.
  • Five lettering fonts.
  • Easy to connect with computer to import additional designs.
  • Automatic needle threader and thread trimmer.
  • Drop-in bobbin.


  • The 4”x4” embroidery space is small which reduces your design creation.
  • The needles can break easily, and you need to purchase several, just in case.

Rating and Ranking

The Brother PE525 has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and has received 20 customer reviews on Amazon.


The machine is good as it is extremely easy to use and comes with several functions and is termed as the best sewing machine. The only drawback would be the small embroidery area. For people who are serious about sewing and creating designs for monetary gains, then it will be a choice to bet.


Brother PE525 has a lot of commercial potentials. It is the best buy for people who are interested in pursuing embroidering as a profession or part time hobby. This machine is also ideal for people who have a passion for sewing and embroidering. This powerful and versatile machine is recommended as a professional embroidery machine in many best embroidery machine reviews.

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