Stitching up excellence with best embroidery machine

Step by Step guide to use an embroidery machine?

Learning embroidery machine is an easy affair. You need to have the fire on your belly to pursue the nuances embroidery works and various techniques.  In fact, it is similar to learning to drive a full option automobile. That is because there nothing much you have to interact with the machine and to use your […]

How to effectively care and maintain embroidery machines?

Embroidery machines can be found in many homes. They are purchased for various reasons and requirements. Some of you use these machines for personal use while some of them use it for commercial purposes. That is the reason, why those of you who want to buy a machine for personal use must know the best […]

Tips for beginners how to use an embroidery machine to its full utility

Embroidery sewing is one of the most fascinating and challenging arts to learn for most people who have a penchant for embroidery works.  Learning the art of embroidering by using a sewing machine would be a difficult job if not practiced under a controlled guidance.  Once you start searching for embroidery sewing machines, you can […]

Guidelines to create simple applique using an embroidery machine

If you are an expert in threading and stitching, then you are well known to sewing machines and its services. Have you ever thought of creating a wonderful design or pattern like appliqué on your cloth using an embroidery machine? If not, then below is an article that tells you few important guidelines that you […]

Few important things to know before selecting a Serger machine

If you are a person planning to buy a serger sewing machine that will help you to stitch garments on your own, then you definitely have to read this article that explains the various features of serger machines. A serger sewing machine is commonly called as overlock or marrow sewing machine since it widely used to […]

8 important tips to develop unique embroidery designs

Do you have an embroidery machine at home?  If your answer is yes, then you must know how to make terrific embroidery patterns. And if you know how to create perfect embroidery patterns, then you must also know how to make your clothes look fabulous with the embroidery designs. If your machine is having so […]

How to use an embroidery machine like a professional?

Sewing and embroidery fanatics are the ones who love their work. They don’t take their work as their hardships, rather they do it as their beloved art. So, whoever is on a hunt to find and practice the best ways to use an embroidery machine like a pro, must not be afraid of doing so. […]

How to find a quality embroidery machine?

Finding a sewing machine is a bit easier as compared to picking an embroidery machine. You should be thinking why is that so? It is because, the embroidery work and tasks are a lot more complex and more technical than simple stitching and sewing work. What you have to do is to keep in mind, […]

It is best to buy a combo embroidery and sewing machine

Sew, quilt or embroider at your own convenience with the state of the art modern, technically advanced best sewing machines from Brother and Singer.  No need to worry about threading or moving it from one place to another. With the change of era, the way of sewing and embroidering has also changed. Machines with the latest […]

Top 3 embroidery machines

Embroidery is one of the classic arts that has been in practice since ancient times. And things that make this art an evergreen and ever developing art include the vibrancy, vitality and variety of colors, the extreme flexibility of designs and continuous advancement in the technological equipment in the field. Today, all these features and […]

12 tips to troubleshoot your embroidery machines – your concerns are addressed

As years pass by, we tend to change ourselves from customary to trendy. Hence, the crush of technology in modern life is plethoric. We use the technology in numerous ways to make us feel fashionable and at the same time, it creates innovation and creativity within us. One such technological advancement is embroidery machine that […]

9 machine embroidery supplies that you should ever know

You love to make cute textile gifts for family members or friends with the help of those colorful threads, and, of course an embroidery machine. You have been searching for the supplies that fit your machine. Then you are in the right place. The technology of embroidering work is becoming more and more developed, and […]

Tips for choosing the right stabilizer for Machine Embroidery

Stabilizer is the foundation of the fabric, which supports stitches in the process of embroidering. It’s  necessary to pay attention to this step of fabric preparation. In this step, you will at least choose the right stabilizer for each of your fabrics. There are three types of stabilizers commonly known as: Cut away, tear away, […]

Embroidery guide for beginners – How to select a best embroidery sewing machine!

Sewing machines have been an essential household commodity since their advent. It does not just makes the tasks easier, but also saves a lot of manual labor and time giving away précised results. Finding the right sewing machine will save money and moreover give optimized results. In this embroidery guide for beginners, the most important […]