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An Independent Review On Sewing School: 21 sewing Projects Kids Will Love To Make!

This review is all about an elegant e-Book, Sewing School: 21 sewing projects kids will love to make written by Andria Lisle & Amie Petronis Plumley, which delivers a great content about very basics of ‘hand sewing’ for kids to learn, as well as for parents and teachers to teach them. The purpose of the review is to offer a neutral critical introduction of its valuable content to many readers.

Author & publisher Introduction

It is a useful work from, Andria Lisle along with Amie Petronis Plumley. Storey publications successfully published it in 2010.The photographs in the book reveal legible creativity that is clearly portrayed enabling and adjoining with the authors’ creative path of educating kids on sewing.

Overview of the contents

The Sewing school: 21sewing projects kids will love to make is a 143 paged book, packed with colourful photos of sewing designs with real-life children pictures intended for the younger audience, which makes it so cute and lively for the young readers. It focuses on hand (manual) sewing processes like mending, sewing on buttons and hemming rather than teaching usage of a sewing machine.

The book opens up with the basic course (12 in numbers) to educate on needle safety, tutorials on threading, fabric and buttons. Moving further, it continues with numerous simple projects to work on them in a logical order with very clear instructions to learn about sewing and to create them on their own with ease.

Areas of innovation for kids

The e-Book intended to facilitate the art of sewing with fun for the target readers (kids).  The given projects are so simple making us wonder how easy it is to make these 21 projects in swift. Few chapters can make it obvious such as;

  • Hug – pictures for making of stuffed and cuddly toys by their creativity.
  • Hold things – deals with the design and making of totes (handbags) and wallets.
  • Give – helps with loads of ideas for gift making designs for friends and family.
  • Wear – enables the kids to design their own and their toys’ dresses using simple patterns that can be made immediately.
  • Steps to repair or mend rips and holes in clothes are explained in Recycle and Repair section.


The e-Book deals with the 21 sewing projects and deals with the art of sewing and changes to the attitude of sewing by converting the learning process a fascinating fun filled experience.  The projects are explained in simple terms, and a beginner can easily master the sewing tricks in an easy step-by-step process without having the assistance of elders.

The book has bagged 4.75 out of 5 stars on an average scale of 230 Amazon customer reviews. Out of these 78% customers has given full 5 stars ranking for Sewing school: 21sewing projects kids will love to make shows the excellent acceptability, which prompts me to recommend for any beginners who wanted to practice embroidering as a leisure time hobby without an external support.


To summarize the book, it is an ideal book meant for the kids who love fun and learn. Since, the sewing schools are not widespread these days, the e-book serves as an enjoyable pursuit for them to develop on their creative skills as well. With fun filled colourful pages, the book has the general projects for girls and boys but a little more focused project for girls. On the whole the e-Book, Sewing school: 21sewing projects kids will love to make encourages and infuse confidence for the modern young sewers. This e-Book is suitable for kids as well as grownups opting to choose their own piece of stuff and designed it as a dress that makes him/her to feel proud of it forever.
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