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9 machine embroidery supplies that you should ever know

You love to make cute textile gifts for family members or friends with the help of those colorful threads, and, of course an embroidery machine. You have been searching for the supplies that fit your machine. Then you are in the right place. The technology of embroidering work is becoming more and more developed, and so do you when you are updating the info of how-to embroidery and supplies that work well. This is the reason why we are sharing with you 9 Machine Embroidery Supplies for your craft designing and producing your very own embroidery masterpieces.

Brief Intro of Supplies to be together with your Machine Embroidery for Beginners

Supplies are parts or spare parts of an embroidery machine unit. That mean you gonna need them for weaving your best embroidery products or gifts. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a deeper look into the parts, and remember that you can always have questions for us since we are always here to offer some helps :

  1. Designing Patterns

The first and the most important thing that you ever need right after you’ve thought of making an embroidery piece. You may have your own designs to carry out with the machine right away, or you may search for the various online designing patterns that are free for download. This is to make sure you will not run out of ideas or just for a style changing when making a new design.

  1. Computer To Control Machine

Connecting between your machine and a computer will help you to reduce of operating time, deliver exact operation. Another benefit of having a computer connection is to enable your one-click download and designs’ references from online resources.
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  1. Flash USB Driver

Having a Flash USB or a pen drive is to make it a pattern storage where your favourite designs can be covered up. This pen drive is a preparation for the situation that offline designs are the better choice over a direct online one.

  1. Stabilizer

As the only tool that can professionalize your design. Stabilizer’s ultimate usage is to match perfectly those stitches or outlines. A professional design can be on its own without stabilizer. You will love the way it stop the mismatchings. The key principle when you select a stabilizer is to make sure the materials support the stiches in the design.

  1. Scissors

There are many types of scissors that fit your requirements. As a beginner in embroidering, you’d better get a big and a small scissors with sharpen tips. Thus, pointed tips scissors, tiny scissor, or fabric cutting scissors are your choice when you are becoming more familiar with all the scissor supplies.

  1. Needles

When choosing a needle, always keep in mind that it should be accomodate the threads and fabric or else the big needle size may leave holes in fabric surface. This may lead to the outlines, and errors when the machine is running. A good suggestion of a standard needle would be 75/11. This will be a good size for a starter in embroidery.

  1. Embroidery Threads

Basically, embroidery threads have the same features as threads for hand- made designs, or some little work by hands. However, the threads to be used by an embroidery machine may have in various color designs. The important thing you have to do is to start knowing which type of threads will fit your design as well as making a good combination between threads and needles’ sizes.

  1. Tapes and Pins

Tapes are ideal for small items that can be a hard task to hoops. In this case tapes will play the role of holder, and during the embroidery process just hoop a piece of stabilizer and let it get attached to fabric and it’s all done.

Pins is somehow doing the needles task for a time. We often need it to stitch or pin on the fabric during the process of changing sides or line to follow up. It also keep the action on hold why the machine change to another action of embroidering.

  1. Other Supplies

Apart from those neccessary supplies, you still may need more supplies for a better craft sewing , then you should consider some more options of :

-Spray adhesive

-Cutting mat

-Rotary cutters


Embroidery Machine Tips For Beginners

Apart from the tips for supplies, Embroidery Machine Beginners should consider these general tips for a better understanding when it comes to choosing your own machine:

– Take a consideration into a good quality embroidery machine investment

– If you don’t know much about which to get, trust a brand or which made a brand

– Get to know your machine in the right way

– Choose a machine that can help with larger fabrics and remember to keep those supplies into drawer every time you are done.

– Purchase the machine supplies from an online store. This will help you save an amount of money for it’s a time saving.

As we have mentioned the name of supplies and tips for Embroidery Machine For Beginners. Now it’s time for you to have the choice of yours. Among those choices, you can help yourself learning at your own pace, and you will see the best results.

Thank for reading!

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